Not long ago, watches were used to measure time. With the advancement of technology, there were additions of more and more features. Today we can find a variety of smartwatches in the market. Every smartwatch is unique in its design, style, and features. 

Watch D is a smartwatch by Huawei, and it is one of the best watches in the market. This smartwatch stands out due to its functions and capabilities. Some of the best features of Watch D include accurate blood pressure measurement, ECG analysis, health management, long battery life, and its capability with android and iOS devices. Isn’t it an exciting addition to the market? Let us explore the best features of Huawei watch D. 

Blood Pressure Measurement

The compact body of the Huawei Watch D is equipped with built-in motion, heart rate sensor modules, and a double-layer airbag design. When the airbag is inflated, it perfectly fits the arm. A change in pulse pressure changes the compression of the double-layer inflated airbag. In this way, Huawei Watch D Malaysia measures blood pressure.  

Also, Huawei Watch D comes with a 0.01mmHg high-resolution pressure sensor. It can accurately detect pulse pressure changes. Additionally, it has the HUAWEI TruBPTM blood pressure algorithm, which is based on different blood pressure patterns and cascade models. Besides this, Watch D AI technology can send its users blood pressure reminders at the scheduled time. 

ECG Analysis

Huawei Watch D is equipped with a high-performance ECG sensor module for precise ECG measurement and safeguards the heart health of its users. The smartwatch ECG sensor measures all the factors that can affect heart health and finally inform its users about major heart health-related risks. Further, now Huawei Watch D users can track heart rate with Truseen 5.0, a heart rate tracking technology. 

SpO2 Monitoring

SpO2 measures the level of oxygen in the blood. Low levels of SpO2 can cause fatigue and memory loss or can damage long-term health. Huawei Watch D now allows you to monitor SpO2 so that you don’t face any health issues. 

Skin Temperature Detection

Thanks to the latest technology, the Huawei Watch D is capable of measuring your skin temperature. It can detect changes in your body’s skin temperature. It is important to understand your skin temperature as it is a basic indicator of human health. If your skin temperature is abnormal, it can give an early warning. 

All-Day Stress Monitoring

Huawei Watch D has a stress monitoring algorithm known as Huawei TruRelaxTM. It can monitor stress all day. When the stress level is too high, it can send reminders to release stress. Further, it also suggests calming exercises to release stress. 

Long Battery Life

The Huawei Watch D battery can last for 7 days. It makes sure users can wear their smartwatch for a week without needing to charge it frequently. Long battery life makes the Huawei Watch D a perfect smartwatch. Moreover, Watch D also supports wireless charging, which enables users to charge it more conveniently.