Find out the details about the giveaway hosted by Mike Morse Law and if Uber vouchers may be available at Ridefreenye.

Many organizations have done a lot to ensure safety in the United States. This is especially true during the new year. The temperature is currently below -30deg in many States of the USA, making it almost impossible to drink liquor to keep warm.

Did you know that many fatalities were linked to drunk-driving cases in New Year’s? Snowfall has made roads slippery this year. Let’s take a look at what Ridefreenye offers.

About Ridefreenye :

Mike Morse Law Firm has assigned the name Ridefreenye for 1,000 Uber gift vouchers. Each voucher has a $20 value. Mike Morse Law Firm has been serving more than 35K clients over the last three decades. You could win a variety of giveaways.

  • Car Accidents,
  • Dog Bites,
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Truck Accident.

It also represents clients to make claims:

  • Social Security Disability
  • Compensation for Brain Injury and other Physical Injuries
  • Compensation for wrongful death
  • No offence cases

Approximately Riderfreenye.

Mike Morse Law Firm is familiar with numerous client litigations that relate to accidents, injuries, causalities, and more, particularly during New Year’s Eve. Drunk driving was the most common cause in many cases. Ridefreenye is a program that offers free rides to people who are drunk.

The advance booking for free Uber vouchers was facilitated on published a Ridefreenye-related update on their website on 16 December 2022. But, Mike was featured in a promotional clip on 26th December 2022.

As all Uber vouchers have been reserved, 855mikewins will no longer be taking new bookings.

The ridefreenyeUber voucher has to be presented/claimed while riding between Detroit, Chicago, or New York. William Mattar Law offices sponsors the giveaway, which focuses on motor vehicle accidents and personal injury.

Mike Morse, the founder and chief executive of the law office, launched the Uber giveaway vouchers in service to the community. The program is intended to ensure safe travel on New Years’ Eve. This program will also be beneficial to people who can’t drive after drinking, partying, or driving on slippery roads.

Mike declared that Ridefreenyeis a way of giving back to the community. He explained that their company is committed to providing community service. Mike hopes that the program will be of benefit to others. Mike advised people to enjoy the new year in safety and responsible manner.

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Conclusion: published the Ridefreenye Program announcement on 16 December 2022. Mike Morse (the founder of the law firm) promoted the cause through posting videos on their official social networks pages. Mike Morse Law Firm promoted the giveaway via radio, TV and vehicle wrappings in order to reach more people. All of the 1,000 Uber vouchers are claimed. Bookings can be made at