Neymar: All The Latest Information on His Contract

For the past couple of years, Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar has continually made headlines thanks to the incredible skill that he displays on the field. He’s widely considered one of the best soccer players of all time, and one of the highest paid. 

He made world news when he decided to sign up with Paris Saint-Germain, moving away from his previous team of Barcelona. Not only did the deal turn a lot of heads because of who was involved, but also because at the time it set a world record for the most expensive deal of all time, sitting at around 222 million euros. 

The player was part of the MSN trio from Spain, where him, Luis Suarez, and Lionel Messi were virtually unstoppable, setting new records on a weekly basis. Neymar would go on to joint PSG and the overall hope was that he would lead the team into the same glory that Barcelona had experienced, but so far that dream has yet to be fulfilled. Many speculate that his time with PSG is quickly coming to an end, and that he might once again enter back into the market, but nothing official has been confirmed or denied.

His Earnings With Paris Saint-Germain

Currently, Neymar is among the highest earners in the industry. The contract that he signed with his new club, which was done during the 2021 summer, nets him around $36.5 million in earnings per season, the kind of money usually associated with pokies online NZ winners. He told the public that it he happy to be extending his time with Paris Saint-Germain, and that he was content to play in the club. He also remarked at how proud he was to be a part of the team and to work with their coach. Along with his record-setting contract, Neymar also sits at the top of the pile when we take a look at his earnings and the earnings of his other teammates. 

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Neymar’s Future At PSG

It was made public in 2021 that Neymar had renewed his contract with Les Perisiens and would be extending his stay with the club up until 2025. It was reported that the deal was worth around 24 million British pounds a year with the French group. In the following summer, the player received plenty of interest from several heavyweight European clubs. These included Juventus and Chelsea, to name a few, but Neymar would go on to give all of them a miss. He triggered his contract’s automatic extension as part of a clause that granted him tenure until 2027. 

Over the last year, much of the focus has shifted over to Kylian Mbappe, another player that’s within the top sphere at the moment. But Neymar made it known that he intended to stay with Paris, despite the fact that he received a substantial cut to his payment.