People’s anxiety and panic episodes increased dramatically after Covid 19. The situation has shifted. Job security, poor eating habits, family pressure, the environment, and stress all contribute to an increase in anxiety attacks.

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However, the question of how to deal with anxiety or panic attacks emerges. Stay with us to find out more!

What are the signs of an anxiety attack?

Physical signs of panic episodes can include:

  • shaking disorientation nausea rapid, irregular heartbeats
  • dry mouth, lack of breath
  • sweating dizziness
  • The majority of panic attacks last between 5 and 30 minutes.

How do you deal with a panic attack?

Panic attacks always pass, and the symptoms are not indicative of anything dangerous. Tell yourself that the symptoms you’re having are the result of anxiousness.

Continue to do your best. If at all feasible, attempt to stay in the scenario until the anxiety subsides. Face your fears. If you don’t run away from it, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to learn that nothing will happen.

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As the worry subsides, return your attention to your surroundings and resume your previous activities. If you’re having a short, unexpected panic attack, having someone with you can help reassure you that it will pass and the symptoms are nothing to worry about.

Panic attack breathing exercise

Consider this:

  • Breathe in as slowly, deeply, and softly as you can through your nose and out as slowly, deeply, and gently as you can through your mouth. Some people find it helpful to count from 1 to 5 on each in-breath and out-breath.
  • Within a few minutes, you should begin to feel better. You can feel exhausted afterward.

Preventing Panic Attacks

You should try to figure out what specific stressors are causing your symptoms to worsen. It is critical not to limit your regular activities and movements.

  • Regular exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, can help you manage stress, release tension, enhance your mood, and boost your confidence.
  • Consume regular meals to keep your blood sugar levels stable.
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol, and smoking, as these might aggravate panic episodes.
  • Try panic support groups to gain good suggestions on how to deal with your panic attacks – Your doctor can put you in touch with local groups.
  • To identify and change the negative thought patterns that are fuelling your panic episodes, try cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

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