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Because of the rise of mobile and telecommuting employees, many businesses are finding themselves with empty cubicles.By using Deskflex, you can minimize real estate investment and maximize desk utilization.DeskFlex allows employees and managers to reserve, claim, and monitor desks.The value of office space increases and the amount of space required decreases.

The enterprise

A great working environment can help your enterprise attract competitive talent.Computers and mobile workstations are the backbone of many businesses, so your team can work from home or at the office.DeskFlex lets you reserve workspace, conference rooms, and equipment to make it easier for your employees to work.Your enterprise grows when you create a truly different work environment.

Deskflex’s Enterprise Advantages

  • Improve space efficiency by learning how space is used, how it can be improved, and how it can be recognized   
  • Support flexible working environments by organizing workspaces and resources
  • Make flexible work arrangements available to encourage a positive work lifestyle
  • Improve productivity by tracking attendance and time using mobile devices
  • You can achieve your business goals by utilizing technological innovation 

DeskFlex Benefits for Enterprises

  • Mobile devices and desktop computers can use DeskFlex’s cloud-based software.
  • Nevertheless, DeskFlex can be customized to fit your office space and equipment.
  • To reserve their preferred workspace or conference room, your team members simply need to log in.

Enterprises engaged in manufacturing

Manufacturing enterprises require a high level of efficiency.Employee efficiency is key to reducing expenses.Organizing employee workspace and schedules with DeskFlex allows you to focus on production.

A 90-day money-back guarantee is included with every DeskFlex purchase.To develop and improve DeskFlex, it took over 12 years and thousands of hours.With a long history of successful integrations, our software is extremely stable.DeskFlex users stick with it.All customer needs will be met by multiple levels of support.Feel free to contact our support line at 847-359-3990 or email us if you have any questions about your current account..

DeskFlex offers workplace management software solutions!

DeskFlex helps you cut costs, maximize space utilization, and improve employee productivity through simple software solutions.It is easy for your employees to reserve desks, rooms, equipment, and other resources with our resource scheduling software.Saving time and avoiding booking issues can be achieved this way.Employees can easily use the scheduling software.It is easy for them to view and modify reservations using the user interface.DeskFlex is now available for purchase by your organization!