A password manager is a software application tool that encrypts and safeguards all of your account passwords in one location.

In this online age, we visit several websites and sign up for them based on our needs. But who wants to remember so many passwords these days, so remembering all of them becomes really challenging? This is where a password manager may help. They save all of your passwords in one location. Just by memorizing only one “Master Password”, you can safeguard all of your accounts’ passwords.

However, there are two faces of a coin, evaluating your Password Manager becomes very necessary for your account’s safety.

How secure is your password manager?

You must remember that nothing is safe in this online age. According to the report, hackers hijacked various password manager software. We all know that if we keep all of our passwords in one place, there is a risk that if your password manager is hacked, they will have access to all of your numerous accounts’ passwords, whether they are social media account passwords or any other website passwords involving your company’s sensitive data.

The following are the risks to be aware of when using Password Manager:

Keeping all eggs in one basket– While using your password manager, you know that you are keeping all of your credentials in one place. This makes things easier for hackers since they only have to decrypt one Encrypted code and once they are in, they will read all your passwords like an open book and they can change or damage all of your account’s passwords.

Know your Password manager- It is important to choose the best security for your passwords, even if it costs a few bucks! Because of their inadequate encryption, most free password managers are easy to decode, and hackers may readily guess your password. So look for a reputable password manager with positive recommendations.

Difficulty in recovering Master password-  Once you forget your Master Password, it will be extremely difficult to recover it, and even if you do, the recovery questions you stored while signing up will put you at stake. Cybercriminals will attempt to guess your password and gain access to your password manager.

 Unavailability of Fingerprint security- Fingerprint authentication is the most authentic and secure security feature available for any application. However, password managers lack this capability, making them insecure to use.

The Complexity of Master Password- It is known as Master password also because of its complex Password which makes the user difficult to remember it.

Not having Trustworthy Antivirus- If your system gets attacked by any type of Malware, cyber-attackers gonna record every keystroke you are making. By this, they can easily guess your Master password and enter your profile. So make sure you have a reputed Anti-virus in your system.

So should you have a Password Manager or not?

Of course you must! When we evaluate the benefits and downsides of Password manager, we find that it has fewer cons. The risks stated above can be avoided if you have a strong antivirus installed on your PC.

Here are Top 3 antivirus programmes that include a robust password manager:

Kenoxis Total Security-

Kenoxis Total Security provides you with a strong Password Manager in which the Master password is strongly encrypted and will not be easily decrypted by cyber-attackers. It has a 100% malware detection rate. Among all the Anti-virus available in the internet market, it is the most pocket-friendly compared to its features.

Kenoxis provides with a feature-rich Password manager, here is the list:

  • Gives unlimited password storage
  • Can store all your cards including debit and credit card.
  • Can sync with many devices
  • Secured Encryption of your password
  • Expert in keeping notes safe
  • Authentication using two factors (2FA).

Norton 360 –

Its feature-rich quality offers you with a safe password manager that saves your time. Its password manager can combat every form of attack that may enter your machine. It’s a bit costly but provides you with excellent encryption.

The Password Manager features that you will be getting in Norton 360 are:

  • Password storage is unlimited.
  • Storage of credit cards and other data
  • Syncing of many devices.
  • Auto-save and auto-renew
  •  Auditing the security of passwords.
  • Authentication using two factors (2FA).
  • Biometric authentication (on mobile).
  • Keep your notes safe.

Bitdefender Premium Security-

This antivirus provides you with all the features that you may need for a Password Manager. The features are:-

  • Password storage is unlimited.
  • Storage of credit cards and other data.
  • Syncing of many devices.
  • Auto-save and auto-fill are available.
  • Auditing the security of passwords.
  • Monitoring and warnings for data breaches.
  • 2FA and biometric authentication (on mobile).
  • Account restoration.


Having a decent Password manager of a good Antivirus can keep you safe and secure from all of your responsibilities of remembering passwords, making your internet life easier.