Picuki, also known as StoriesIG, allows you to anonymously view Instagram posts and stories. Picuki is a free online photo editor that has grown in popularity in recent years. In terms of capabilities, it is very similar to Photoshop, but it is much easier to use and does not require any downloading or installation. You can quickly create an account and begin editing your photos.

Picuki is a photo-editing and photo-sharing social media platform. Users can also use the platform to make collages, graphics, and photo albums. Picuki is available in two languages: English and Spanish.

Picuki is a free online editing software that allows you to edit, crop, and resize images. It also has a large selection of effects and filters that can be decided to apply to photos. Picuki can only be downloaded from one platform i.e, Google Play Store.


  1. Without an account- Picuki allows you to watch stories without an Instagram account.
  1. Save it- Download photos and videos from Instagram to your device.
  1. Don’t pay- Picuki by StoriesIG is free for all users.
  1. Anonymously- No one will know that you have watched other people’s insta stories.

Have you ever wanted to save a photo or a video from a public Instagram account?

Picuki will allow you to do all of this and more from the comfort of your computer screen. Picuki is a website that lets users browse Instagram without logging in. This is useful if you are conducting market research and want to search for results by location or hashtag before saving your ideas. Picuki will also show you anyone’s profile that isn’t set to private, and you can view and save their stories. Picuki also lets you view full captions for each post without having to scroll down.

This can assist you in using the control+f function to find a photo based on the caption. Finally, Picuki includes a photo editor that allows you to apply filters, crop, and zoom on other people’s photos before downloading your version.

Picuki’s Abilities:

  1. Browse Instagram content without logging in. Use Instagram photo editing features such as cropping, filters, text, labels, borders, and so on.
  2. Explore the most popular Instagram posts by day and week.
  3. Look through going viral Instagram posts by tags.
  4. Look for Instagram posts using the profile name, tags, and location.
  5. Easy access to celebrity Instagram posts.

Picuki’s Disabilities:

  1. Look through the carousel view.
  2. Subscribe to an Instagram account
  3. View or download images from a private Instagram account.
  4. Follow Instagram livestreams
  5. Like or comment on a post on Instagram

Do you know Picuki is anonymous?

  1. Picuki is completely unidentified.
  2. This means that any stories you view or download will not include your Instagram handle.
  3. Furthermore, the user will not be informed if they access a photo that they have posted.
  4. Lastly, any people you look up to, whether by the handle or legal name.