One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Kalachakra Dasha is the notion of Deha and Jiv Rashi. Even if you are not familiar with the complete Kaalchakara Dasha system, you may still utilise this idea to help you cross-check your forecasts or make sense of the current circumstances in your life. Deha and Jiv are the twin’s most delicate signs in your natal chart. Locate them and look at their impacts in your birth chart. If they were born with any planets in them, the consequences would be fairly abrupt and dramatic. They will experience sudden happiness or suffering if benefic planets are affecting them, whereas malefic planets will cause them abrupt suffering. It is often better if these planets are not present in their kundli since life changes are less likely to be unexpected. Nevertheless, if they are fortunate changes, too many in life can disturb the steady flow of one’s existence and must be handled carefully.

When these associated planets’ Vimshottari Dasha-s alter, one should exercise caution if there were malefic present at birth. During this Dasha transition time, the body is most prone to illness. If you are familiar with the Kalachakra technique, you should keep note of the Deha indication times and use caution as necessary. Ensure you check out your free kundli to prepare beforehand.

Sudden sickness is usually always caused by malefic effects on the Deha marker when it is in transit. The nature and severity of a disease can be predicted based on the planets concerned and the sign they are in.

Beneficials will automatically provide nice outcomes, excellent health, and mental and emotional satisfaction within the intervals under their influence and as indicated by these signals. However, nobody seeks the astrologer out to find out the reason for his joy. They will ask when the excellent periods will arrive, and you may look up and analyse upcoming transits for this.

Jiv sign is related to one’s soul, karmic obligations, and mental and emotional issues. It very clearly reveals the deepest concerns of the individual psyche. For example, a malefic ailment to the Jiv sign might lead the individual to be in the most profound depression and the spirit itself to be in pain, which will not be evident to those around him.

Negative effects at birth will cause the individual to carry a heavy load on their soul for the rest of their life. There is a general listlessness and an underlying depression.

The soul may experience severe trauma when evil transits this sign. trauma akin to the darkness of the soul. During this time, it is highly usual for people to experience mental distress, despair, solitude, betrayal, loved ones leaving them, separations, etc. Although these alterations will be inherently auspicious and beneficial, the benefits engaged in this situation will also bring about rapid shifts.

The clarity of the horoscope is diminished if malefics are present in the birth chart arising in differences in the Deha signs and the Jiv signs. Such a person has to take corrective action, engage in consistent spiritual practice, or at the least, recite mantras regularly to maintain the harmony between his body and soul. That is why, generating your free online kundli can definitely come in handy! The placement of benefits in the Deha signs and the Jiv signs at birth will yield favourable results, although life will be quiet with periodic spikes in temperature. If the personality cannot quickly adapt to the unexpected gain in wealth, this might also prove disruptive.