This article focuses on Harun, Olivia Video, and answers readers about the viral content online.

Did you see the video of Harun & Olivia? People are constantly trying to find a link to this video on social media sites. The explicit video circulated online and people worldwide found out about it through online portals.

This article will provide updates to readers about the Harun, Olivia Video, and the entire incident.

Latest Updates on the Video

People can see Harun, a well-known journalist, and Olivia, a woman named Olivia, sitting on his chest in the viral video. It hasn’t been uploaded online so it doesn’t show any further.

This video was shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. However, it is no longer being seen.

The Full Video Viral on Twitter is

According to specific sources, the video was posted on Twitter and began spreading around. The video has disappeared and the handle seems to have been removed.

There are no social media platforms that allow explicit content. We cannot expect videos of this nature to be posted on these sites.

Where can users find the YouTube link for the video?

Some videos capture the event between them. The video shows people moving around in a club-like setting. Harun and Olivia recorded the video in the midst of the party. Although we are still trying to determine who uploaded the video online it was immediately posted and circulated worldwide.

People on Instagram react

These videos cannot be posted to Instagram because it is illegal to post such content online or on Instagram channels. The videos of Harun, Olivia, and others are not available on this channel. There are also no comments.

People all over the country were shocked at the video’s popularity. There are no comments about the handle.

Any news about the couple on Reddit.

Reddit did not have any news related to Reddit. Reddit does not provide a link to the video. We know netizens would like to see the video online but cannot find it. The couple’s videos and screenshots circulated online, making the public aware of the situation.

Views on TikTok

This video is currently one of the most popular. The video is not shared online because it contains explicit content.

Social media Links


Harun is a well-known journalist, and the video of him with Olivia was shocking to all who saw it. You can view the video details on the online source.