Fraud This post contains details about a website which allows users to get their inflation-tax refund.

Did you receive a California Middle Class Tax Refund Debit Card? You want to learn more about the website that helps people get their tax refunds. California Tax Board provides one time inflation relief to citizens by paying to their accounts and using debit cards.

Mctrpayment allows debit card users in the United States to activate their plastic cards. Fraud Post has examined this website and presented its findings in order to help tax refund beneficiaries.

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Mc Legit or Scam?

  • Domain Age –This domain was registered on the 9th of July 2022.
  • Alexa rankingMctrpayment’s Alexa ranking is 89440
  • Domain expiry– This portal will end on 9 th Jul 2024.
  • Trust Score – A trust rating of 2% for authentic websites.
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What’s Fraud

California decided to help its citizens with high gas prices and inflation. The law was passed by the state legislature to provide temporary relief via direct cash transfers or payments cards. Many see the card as a fraud card since it is reaching other states’ beneficiaries.

Mc Trpayment is the website that debit cardholders should visit in order to activate their cards. This tax fund relief is offered to 11 million residents of California’s provinces. The card issuing institution for the card is New York Bank. Fraud I also discovered that this website was attached to a high-authority site and internet users divert to this portal via

Information about California Middle-Class Tax Rebate Debit Card:

  • Cash transfers and debit cards are available to provide tax relief.
  • FTB has partnered to Money Network to provide benefits through debit cards.
  • For those with incomes over $250,000., payments of $300-$1050 will be made.
  • The beneficiary can visit to activate their debit cards.
  • Cardholders should use their cards sparingly to avoid being charged fees Phish Facebook Reactions: is home to many discussions about tax refund debit cards. Many people who are issued debit cards need to know how to activate them. While most people call the 1-800-240-0223 number to activate a card, others visit for the pin.

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Final Verdict:

Mctrpayment is the website of Money Network, which works in partnership with FTB to provide tax refund cards to Californians. This website was safe for beneficiaries looking to find out their status on their tax refund. Are you a recipient of your tax refund debit card yet? Comment.