Morocco Murders Video Reddit We will find out what happened to two female tourists four years back and what the verdict is in this case.

Are you familiar with the double murder of tourists in Morocco? You may also be familiar with the case of quadruple murder at the University of Idaho. In the Idaho case, the arrest of the suspect has already been made. A case involving the murder of Scandinavian tourists in Morocco is also mentioned. People All Over are searching for the truth. We will discuss Morocco Murders Video Reddit to get more details.

What has happened and what are the new developments?

Two Moroccan tourists were shot to death in Morocco on December 18, 2018. The two women were travelling to North Africa and had been killed. One video of a man executing a young woman was trending on several social networks at that time.

The lady screams as he cuts her head. He was cruel and blood ran from her upper body. Later, he placed the cut head in one corner.

This video was very disturbing and it received criticism when it was Viral Twitter.

Who were those two women that were killed in Morocco?

Louisa Jespersen was 24 years old. Maren Ueland was 28 years old from Norway. They were climbing North Africa’s highest peak when they were attacked by a group of terrorists. Ueland’s mom said they were taking all precautions and that they were traveling with them. Their bodies were discovered in the tent they slept in on their trip.

The killer claimed that the video was a punishment for his brothers who died in the massacre in Syria. In this case, police made more than thirty arrests of suspects.

Who were these murderers and what did they do?

Four men were then shown in a second Instagram or Twitter video allegedly killing the tourists.

In the meantime, four men were detained by police in Norway for their involvement in a Scandinavian woman murder case. Moroccan authorities confirmed that those four men were the same as in the video.

The case was taken to court and the three defendants were sentenced. One of them, who taught them how they used encrypted messaging and a weapon, was sentenced 20 years. After YouTube viral videos, many demanded justice. Rachid Afatti (33) recorded the murder using his mobile, while EjjoudAbdessamad (25) and Younes Ouaziyad (27) shaved the heads of the women.


One suspect in the University of Idaho case has been arrested. After this arrest, police began to search for the murder of two tourist hikers. We have provided the relevant details.