Did you know that scam text messages were sent to many users by Mp3DK.com between 24th and December 2022 in Denmark. What was the message? Is the Mp3DK.com site accessible? What is the scam message? What are the negative reviews about the scam message you received? Have you received a Mp3DK.com message and would like to verify its authenticity?

This article contains exclusive reviews about the Mp3dk Fraud.

About MP3DK.com:

Mp3DK.com was previously registered to host unauthorised songs from Asia. But, the domain registration expired, and the URL was registered/allotted to CizgiTelecomunikasyonAnonimSirketi recently on 19th-December-2022. Mp3DK.com’s IP address points to Istanbul, Turkey.

A number of people in Denmark received a text message saying that their Mp3DK subscription would automatically renew for Kr.150 per week. You could terminate your subscription by clicking Mp3DK.com/e6DdVWK. The Mp3DK.com message was a fraud.

Mp3DK.com was found in Asia in 2012, and shared on Mp3SongsDK’s Facebook pages. Mp3SongsDK.com sells men’s clothing. It is not known if MP3dk SMS (or Mp3DK.com) is associated with Mp3SongsDK.com.

TrustPilot users reviewed the message and found it to be a hoax. Mp3DK.com cannot be accessed at the moment.

The scam message mentions the link Mp3DK.com/e6DdVWK. This page displays a 404 error page. This indicates that the website does not exist or has been removed.

The legitimacy and Mp3DK.com:

Mp3DK.com was created 7 days ago. Its country of registration is unknown. Its IP addresses point to antesanat.com and batubilgisayar.com. They are both located at The IP is valid for 364 days and has an SSL certificate. This information can be used to verify about MP3dk Scam.

Mp3DK scored 42% in phishing, 30% in malware, 9% suspicion and 52% threat scores. People are getting unwanted text messages evidently due to high spam scores. Mp3DK has a terrible Alexa rank and low visitor count.

Mp3DK does not use a secure HTTPS protocol and is not blacklisted. However, the website has a horrible 1% trust score as well as a zero business ranking. The website is clearly at high risk for payment transactions. Users payment data was also exposed by the zero business ranking.

Social media links

Mp3DK.com does not appear on social media. We did however find Mp3DK posts in Facebook starting in 2012. Below are the links.


Mp3DK.com has received terrible reviews from users. It gained poor trust, business, Alexa ranking, DA and Alexa rankings, as well as 1/5 stars based on four user reviews. It is also a high-risk site due to its overall threat profile. Mp3DK add urgency to the situation by asking for a Kr.150 subscription fee towards automatic deducting. This is a scammer’s plan to get users’ PII and payment information. It can be used by scammers to commit fraud or to make money online.

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