Customers want their online orders as fast as they buy items from a physical store. As a merchant, your eCommerce packages must be delivered quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. But you must consider various external factors when handling delivery times. We listed the best shipping carriers for you to choose from. 

Top 3 Shipping Carriers for your Business

Three major shipping carriers compete to provide the best shipping solutions for sellers and buyers. These are FedEx, USPS, and UPS. Let’s understand more about what these companies offer. 


Federal Express is a well-known name for quick shipping. It handles standard home deliveries daily, even Saturdays and Sundays. With its regular shipments, your packages can reach your customers in up to two days. It is quite faster delivery times than other shipping companies. In addition, FedEx ships to all 50 United States and international states. 

Despite its popularity, FedEx started as a college project in 1965. Frederick W. Smith created a cutting-edge new system that allows the safe delivery of time-sensitive products. Although his professor had doubts about his ideas, Smith still pursued them. That’s why in 1971, he founded FedEx. Since then, the company name has proven its service as the world’s first overnight delivery company. 


  • Daily home deliveries available in the United States
  • Offers numerous discounts and perks
  • Issues small business grants annually


  • Smaller package shipping is more expensive than USPS.

With this in mind, you can assess your business if the FedEx shipping company is suitable for your eCommerce business. 


UPS is a go-to shipping carrier for sending large packages. It has competitive rates with excellent shipping resources. In addition, it provides a guide on how to prepare your huge goods for shipment. Also, it leaves special step-by-step instructions for merchants in palletizing their products. Overall, UPS holds a positive reputation and reliable tools for small and beginning businesses. 

UPS began in 1907 by James Casey and Claude Ryan. These two teenagers deliver on foot or by bicycle. At first, UPS was named as American Messenger Company. Afterward, they rebranded their company name into Merchants Parcel Delivery. It took effect after they bought a Model T Ford delivery truck. By 1916, they painted their delivery vehicles with dark brown color. Later in 1922, the two owners rebranded again and named their shipping service United Parcel Service. 


  • Small businesses can avail of the designed tools
  • Offers same-day delivery, in some cases 
  • A large flat-rate box starts at the price of $19.60.


  • Some Application Programming Interface (APIs) are not accessible on customer-facing websites.

The growth and development of UPS are an inspiration. It overcame all hindrances and served all customers to satisfy delivery times. 


United States Postal Service is the best shipping carrier for small and starting businesses. It ships products locally and internationally. Also, it offers loyalty credits and discounts to businesses. Plus, it delivers goods within a short span of delivery time. Usually, it takes 2-8 days. Most importantly, it provides free APIs for quickly adding shipping tools to your websites. 

USPS lives by its motto. It delivers packages regardless of whether there’s snow, rain, and heat, day or night. The shipping company started in 1775 that operated under the federal government. Benjamin Franklin was the first appointed postmaster general. It is the oldest among the three carriers, yet it still is one of the top choices when shipping orders across the globe. 


  • Permanence in the shipping industry
  • Offers loyalty credits and discounts based on volume
  • Free APIs for small business websites


  • Sunday and Holiday deliveries need additional pay

USPS is a trusted shipping company for it has been in the industry for so long. Most merchants believed its delivery times through positive reviews from their recent clients. 

FedEx Delivery Times

FedEx offers a wide range of services and delivery times. 

Delivery Period

FedEx Ground

Delivery times are during business days (Mondays-Fridays). It takes 1-5 days if within the neighboring United States. Meanwhile, it takes 3-7 days for Hawaii and Alaska. 

Moreover, FedEx Ground shipping has a variety of delivery times for commercial properties. But since it operates on business days, its end for ground shipments is at 5 PM local time. 

FedEx Overnight

The delivery process starts on the next business day. However, only some locations are available for Saturday deliveries. You can choose based on the three service levels it offers.

  • First Overnight has delivery times before 9:30 AM to most ZIP codes.
  • Second Overnight has delivery times before 10:30 AM to most ZIP codes.
  • Standard Overnight has delivery times before 3 PM to most ZIP codes.

FedEx Home Delivery

It delivers every day, even Saturday and Sunday. It is like FedEx Ground, which takes 1-5 days in the neighboring United States. Meanwhile, it takes 3-7 days for Hawaii and Alaska. 

FedEx Home Delivery delivers until 8 PM. Choose FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery for a specific date for shipment arrival. Or select FedEx Appointment Home Delivery for a scheduled drop-off window. It is usually between 9 AM and 8 PM. 

FedEx Express Freight

It delivers within 1-3 business days in most parts of the United States. 

Holiday Delivery

FedEx Ground still delivers during US holidays even though most shipping carriers shut down during these times. These events include Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and more. 

UPS Delivery Times

UPS doesn’t offer various service levels, but it still provides a wide range of delivery times. 

Delivery Period

UPS Ground

Delivery times are during business days (Mondays-Fridays). It takes 1-5 days if within the neighboring United States. Meanwhile, it takes 3-7 days for Hawaii and Alaska. 

Moreover, UPS Ground shipping has a variety of delivery times for commercial properties. Nevertheless, it will still deliver at the end of the day. Its end of day corresponds to the end of business day of the address it will be delivered. Still, UPS drivers continue to deliver even after 7 PM. 

UPS Weekend Home Delivery

UPS delivery times aim for Monday through Friday up to 7 PM delivery. But it could be as late as 9 PM. In addition, it caters to Saturday deliveries to homes for more than 100 US Metro Areas. Also, it delivers economy packages on Sundays with the USPS in some selected areas. 

UPS Next Day Air

Shipment delivery is on the next business day. Although it allows pick-up on Saturdays, weekend delivery is unavailable. 

  • UPS Next Day Air Early has delivery times before 8:00 AM to most ZIP codes.
  • UPS Next Day Air has delivery times before 10:30 AM to most ZIP codes.
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver has delivery times before 3:00 PM to most ZIP codes.

Holiday Delivery

UPS Ground, Air, Freight, and store locations are closed during major holidays.

USPS Delivery Times

USPS is a shipping carrier that delivers to every location in the US, even remote areas, with short delivery times. Its standard delivery includes Saturday in its business days. 

Delivery Period

Priority Mail

Package delivery takes 1-3 days. However, you have to consider the situation. Like during the pandemic, the USPS delivery times extend to 4 days. 

Delivery times for regular USPS services vary. It depends on the delivery driver’s postal route and the recipient’s address. For example, you may get your packages regularly in the morning, while others receive their mail until 5 PM. During peak season, postal drivers continue to deliver even in the evening. 

First-Class Package Service

Delivery of packages generally arrives after 1-3 days.

Priority Mail Express

USPS can schedule package delivery for 1-2 days or overnight. Its delivery times guarantee package arrival by 3 PM. You may schedule delivery on Sunday but have to pay an additional fee. 

USPS Retail Ground

A slower yet cost-effective USPS delivery since it takes 2-8 days to reach its target destination.

Media Mail

Another slower service of USPS delivery is yet cost-effective. It takes 2-8 days to be delivered, but it also has specified restrictions.

Holiday Delivery

Since the federal government runs it, USPS observes all major holidays. 

With the comparison between these top 3 shipping carriers, you can now see each of its benefits and drawbacks regarding delivery times. If you have doubts about one, remember that you can use multiple carriers to reach your target market. However, you have to consider the destination and timing. Therefore, achieve more profit by selecting a reliable fulfillment center like Red Stag Fulfillment. The company offers flexible and negotiating power to handle your package delivery times. In addition, it provides its expertise for eCommerce fulfillment of big, bulky, heavy, and high-value products. Check out its delivery times and prices on its official website.