Do you feel tired of cleaning your house and want to buy a vacuum cleaner? This article is for you if so. Consumers of vacuum cleaners were stunned to hear that an insensitive photo taken by a Roomba vacuum was leaked online.

These pictures have been leaked in what way? Is it possible that these photos were leaked intentionally? These questions are being asked by the United States on social media photos. Let’s now discuss in detail the Roomba Pictures leaked.

How can Roomba photos be leaked?

Some sensitive photos were taken by the robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner from iRobot. One of these photos shows a woman sitting on the toilet. These photos were posted on social media.

The manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner claimed that these photos were taken by test models and not consumers. The manufacturing company however has accepted responsibility for the leaking of images taken by its vacuum cleaner.

Will the photo taken by the device go viral among the employees of the company?

The MIT Tech Review report states that the photos were leaked by Venezuelan contractors. He posted the photos on data startup scale AI and they then shared them on social media platforms such as Discord and Facebook.

More details about the leaked photos

The company claimed that these sensitive images were taken by the test units, as the company was leaking them. To improve machine learning and machine capability, the manufacturer continuously tests its units.

People began to question the security and privacy of data stored by tech companies shortly after they were published. Amazon also plans to end its $1.7 billion deal with iRobot.

Customer reaction at the Roomba Pictures Leaked

Customers complained that the photos were not taken by the Roomba vacuum cleaner and that their data was monitored by the company after they were posted on social media.

These data can contain sensitive and personal information that could be leaked by the company at any time. The company must improve its data security and the product’s training algorithms.


Social media has leaked sensitive Photos from the Roomba self driving vacuum cleaner. The company later clarified that these leaked photos were taken by their testing unit and not by consumers. The consumer still stated that data security at the company needs to be improved.