The latest update on the Seaworld helicopter collision has been released. You might have heard about the horrific collision of two helicopters. After witnessing the collision between these helicopters in mid-air in Australia , people in were shocked.

This news has become a news source for many news channels and social networks. Seaworld Helicopter Crash Video Reddit has been making rounds. Keep reading to find out all about the crash.

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Reddit has the video of Seaworld Helicopter’s crash.

The public is eager to hear about a Seaworld helicopter crash. Reddit users who were present at the crash shared detailed photos of the accident on the Reddit platform.

This thread has gone viral and is being seen by many people. This thread is becoming very popular and has attracted many supporters.

Get information about the helicopter crash

The incident occurred at 1:59 p.m. near Sea World resort on Gold Coast. The incident was described by many as an awful accident. Two helicopters were in midair.

The one was coming to land and the other was taking off. Both crashed into each other. One of them was severely injured and the other was able to land safely after a minor collision. You can also see the live video of the collision on the Tiktok website.

Status of passengers in the crash

It was the holiday season at Sea World Resort. This popular resort is located right by the sea. Investigators found that 13 victims had been saved by the collision. Four are confirmed dead from the collision.

They were the chief flight pilot, a sixtyfive-year old man, fifty-seven year-old women, and a woman aged 36 years. Two of these four were British citizens, according to a recent update. Let’s see what the latest update says.

A live viewer’s experience

Many viewers were present on the accident scene. Interviewing several site watchers confirmed that there were two helicopters. One witness stated that one helicopter fell with its cockpit windows in a tailspin after the collision.

The other person mentioned loud noises and sudden debris.

Many were shocked at the news of the crash. Many viewers live stream their experience in various media sources, such as Telegram.

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Multiple media operators and social media experts are sharing their exact knowledge about the helicopter collision in SeaWorld, Gold Coast. It was immediately noticed that many people who were nearby ran to offer support. The incident shocked many and alerted all. It is regrettable that such an accident occurred and it must be prevented.