Are you an avid gamer? Do you enjoy playing many different games? Are you familiar? Many Steel games are available on Twitter or Reddit.

People All over the world are interested in receiving important updates on severed steel games. Games have all dates been made public. If you are looking for information on Severed Steel games, please read the whole post Severed Steel Leaked.

Has the Severed game been leaked?

Dealabs member Billbil-Kun claims that the game in the Games Shop Mystery Games programme, December 27, is Severed Steel. It was leaked online by several platforms. All over the globe, people were interested in steel games’ date updates.

Epic Games will not confirm this leak until they make an official announcement. You can check the Epic Games website for updates and verification of the games leaked to the tournament. It takes place between December 15 and December 29.

December: Details about Severed Steel leaking

December is often a very exciting month for gamers. However, this year, it is a top priority. Epic Gaming 15 Days of Winter offers a variety of great games free of charge, as well as a Steam Winter Sale. This promotion is available from December 15 through December 29.

New free stuff will be available every day at 8:00 PT (8:00 ET) and 16:00 GMT (1:00 GMT). Epic Games leaked Severed Steel on December 27, while Mortal Shell was released on December 28.

Problems encountered by People

Severed Iron Leaked event has been plagued by misunderstandings, as well as confusion about whether this is a Christmas freebie. This confusion is still unclear.

The edition’s name was changed from Death Stranding Director’s Cut into the regular edition. Some users have already added the game to their game list, but they later discover that the game was not included at all.

15-Day Free Games List December

The demand for the Leaked has increased since December 16. Gamers have the opportunity to get many games at no cost. Below is a list with games that are updated regularly and which can be downloaded online for free.

  • December 16 – Chase Horizon
  • December 17, Quest 2
  • December 18 – Sable game
  • December 19 – Fighting
  • December 20 – New Order
  • December 21 – Tour Lego
  • December 22 – RPG
  • December 23 – Trapped Game
  • December 24, Last night’s metro
  • December 25, Standing Death
  • December 26 – Shadow Torch
  • December 27, Severed Iron Leaked
  • December 28 – Mortal Shell


Reddit and Twitter have already seen several Steel games. Please wait for the official confirmation before you make any major beliefs.