This article on Sonni Pacheco’s Instagram explains Jeremy Renner’s ex-spouse, and why she is trending in recent months.

Do you know Sonni Pascheco? What happened with Avengers Star Jeremy Renner’s identity? How is Pacheco and Renner related? You will be able to comprehend the differences better if you read the whole thing.

People are searching for Sonni Pacheco Insta. If you are one of these people, then read this article to learn more about the Model and ex-wife of Jeremy Renner.

What is She Trending Recently?

Sonni is a model and a sculptor. She also works as a realtor. She is the ex-wife to actor Jeremy Renner. After news of Jeremy Renner’s accident, she started trending online. People began searching for more information about Pacheco’s short-lived marriage.

Renner and Pacheco got married in January 2014, and were divorced in Dec 2015. Ava Berlin Renner was their first child. Ava was 25 years old when she gave birth in 2013. Sonni can be found on Instagram and shares her sculpting work mainly.

Details About Jeremy’s Unexpected Accident

Jeremy Renner had a terrible accident while plowing snow at his Nevada home on Sunday. Renner sustained serious injuries in what appeared to be an accident. He was immediately taken to the hospital. Renner’s condition was critical despite the fact that his doctor stated that it was not life-threatening. Fans sent Renner messages of encouragement and support via social media.

Net Worth & Other Personal Information Of Sonni

Pacheco appeared in The Wingman as well as American Pie. She has also been a model and has promoted Monster Energy for a while. She is also a skilled sculptor and a realtor. She is expecting her second child with Nate Thompson, her boyfriend.

While she is from Vancouver in Canada, her birth date has not been mentioned. According to her IMDB, she was just 25 years old when she gave birth. This would make her around 35. Her Wikipedia profile is not available. As with many websites, her net worth has been estimated at between 2 and 4 millions dollars.

Sonni Pacheco – Social Media Accounts

She has 98 photos and 12.2k Instagram followers. 1028 other people follow her on Instagram. She has posted many pictures of her and her work.

  • Facebook – Sonni Pacheco does not have an official account on Facebook. People claim she is there, but the accounts are not real. The link to the account will not be provided here.
  • Twitter –Shedoesn’t also have a Twitter account.


We have discussed Sonni Pacheco (Jeremy Renner) and her personal details in this article. Jeremy was in a snowplow accident last Sunday. His condition is stable, but he sustained serious injuries.