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Kaushik Ranchod is the author of Easy Hiring Foreign Medical Graduates, a guide to immigration law. Seed. Ranchod spoke at the National Employment Law and Compliance Summit and HRStar conference in Los Angeles on alternatives to the H-1B visa, I-9 check, electronic check, and Social Security non-compliance letter. Mr. Ranchod was approved to serve on the California Supreme Court in 1998.

He is a member of the American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) Delegation in San Francisco and is actively involved with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Mr. Ranchod is on the Board of Directors of the South Asian Bar Association of Northern California. Kaushik Ranchod is also a member of the Foreign Medical Graduate Task Force, an association dedicated to promoting favorable health immigration laws. Attorney Ranchod graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California, received an award for excellence in public administration, and was inducted into the Trojan Wall of Fame. He holds a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Hastings, San Francisco and is ready to help you with all your immigration and citizenship matters. In his spare time, Kaushik enjoys hiking in San Francisco Bay. As a child, he became interested in eagle scouting.

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Immigration is not just a job, it is a daily part of my personal life as I grew up as an immigrant and went through the immigration process. (Click here to see my recommendations, including my Avvo Superb rating, which is the highest rating given by Avvo, an independent legal assessment service. I think it’s important to know me as a person. – Make Read Kaushik Ranch and Discover Home travel With.)

My family immigrated to the United States from Cape Town, South Africa when I was one year old. My family’s immigration history begins with my great-grandfather. Like most immigrants, they grew bolder as they took the boat from India to South Africa in search of a better life. They work hard to survive because they don’t know anyone in South Africa. They don’t have jobs waiting for them, but they have a work ethic and integrity. My grandparents made a living repairing shoes. Eventually, Grandpa opened a shoe factory and turned his shoe making business into a successful business. Despite my grandfather’s success in building a successful business in South Africa, my grandfather wanted to escape the oppression of apartheid. So he immigrated to the USA. The father then brought the family to the United States to study at a chiropractic school.

I understand on a very personal level why people are willing to leave family, friends, and everything they know to start a new life in America. My wife was born and raised in Bombay (Mumbai), India and we met in the USA. I teach children with special needs in Santa Clara, California. Living with my wife’s family in Bombay is one of the highlights of the year because I travel a lot in India, eat the best Indian food and spend time with my family! I understand on a very personal level why people are willing to leave family, friends, and everything they know to start a new life in America. Thus, the practice of immigration law is a natural progression and a personal calling for me. I consider it my honor and privilege to help make your life better. This is not my job, this is my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trust me about your future. Here is my assessment.

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Kaushik Ranchod has focused his work and legal career on helping people around the world achieve their dreams of visiting, working and living in the United States. He has developed a reputation as an experienced immigration lawyer and is a popular radio host on KPFA (FM) discussing new developments in immigration law. We have built a reputation for staying up to date on the latest developments in immigration law. We also subscribe to numerous immigration software publications to help our corporate clients comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our commitment to keeping up to date with the latest immigration law information also ensures that our family clients can reunite with their loved ones as quickly as possible. Immigration law is complex and is governed by a series of memorandums, laws, regulations and bureaucratic procedures. We are grateful to the hundreds of clients who have trusted our office to help them understand these rules and successfully realize their immigration dreams. Quality Personalized Immigration Services Ranchod Law Group is committed to providing quality legal services tailored to your unique circumstances. We maintain constant contact with customers and quickly respond to your calls and emails. Using the latest internet systems and technologies, we can keep up with changes in immigration law, grow your case and provide you with regular status updates. We offer our clients the convenience and security of wider and more flexible access to their offices via the Internet. All of these services demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. Immigration laws are federal custom. Thus, we represent our clients in the United States and in American embassies around the world.

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