The post refers to a cancer patient diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. Hyderabad is the most popular city with professional and experienced doctors treating cancer patients. So, search for the best oncology hospitals in Hyderabad and get treatment. 

The patient was treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and these are the treatments recommended by the doctor in the first case (which is what is assumed here). After these treatments, “the tumor had not shrunk but gotten larger, and the treatment was losing its effect.”

When It’s Not Possible to Remove Cancer, Doctors Will Usually Try to Shrink or Stop Cancer:

Cancer cells divide rapidly and often escape from the original site of origin. Chemotherapy can keep cancer at bay and sometimes cure it. In some cases, chemotherapy may be combined with other treatments, such as surgery or radiation therapy. You must search for the best oncology hospitals in Hyderabad to get this treatment.

  • Surgery: Surgical removal of tumor tissue through an incision made in your body’s scalp (or elsewhere), chest wall, or abdomen; this is called radical mastectomy if all breast tissue has been removed by surgery; lumpectomy refers to partial removal of one or both breasts during surgery.
  • Radiation Therapy: A treatment that uses high-energy rays such as x-rays, gamma rays, and electrons directed into tumors through special equipment designed for this purpose.

The following therapies are adjuvant treatments: 

  • Surgery + Radiotherapy = Breast Cancer Recurrence Rate
  • Chemotherapy + Radiation Therapy = Breast Cancer Recurrence Rate

Chemotherapy Can Keep Cancer at Bay and Sometimes Cure It:

The best way to treat cancer is by removing or shrinking it. If a person has an overgrowing tumor that has spread outside their body (metastasized), doctors might release it as much as possible before surgery or radiation therapy. 

They may also use combinations of these treatments together so that they’re working more effectively than just one alone would be. So, to get the best services, you need to opt for a reliable cancer treatment hospital in Hyderabad.

Even Though Radiation Therapy is Used to Kill Cells That Divide Abnormally, It Does Little Good for Solid Tumors:

Radiation can damage healthy tissue around a tumor and make it grow again if not stopped by other treatments. Also, some cancers are resistant to traditional treatments like chemotherapy and surgery; radiation therapy may not work on these types.

Immunotherapy is a New Form of Treatment for Many Types of Cancers:

It involves giving the body’s immune system extra help to fight cancerous cells by injecting it with drugs that activate the immune system. In addition, some types of immune therapies also target specific proteins present in healthy tissue but not cancerous cells. This means they can cause fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy drugs like 5-FU (5-fluorouracil), which attack all forms of DNA in your body.

Many Types of Cancer Need More Than One Treatment Option:

Sometimes, a patient will be offered an existing drug or treatment to help them through their last days, but this is not always the case. For some patients with advanced cancers that have spread to other body parts, it may be necessary to receive chemotherapy and radiation therapy after surgery. 

The goal is to kill all remaining cancerous cells within your body so that the disease can no longer grow or spread without being treated in some way.

Treating Cancer Depends On Where the Tumor Came From, Which Parts of the Body are Affected, and How Well Cancer Responds to Treatments:

When cancer is in its last stages, it’s not always possible to cure it. But some treatments can significantly affect how long you live and feel well after treatment.


These are solutions and the best treatment options for last-stage cancer.