The following article focuses on the Cause Of Death Sim Wong Hoo as well as his life.

Are you aware of Sim WongHoo’s identity? Are you aware of the reasons for his death? After hearing the news about Sim Wong Hoop’s death, the Singapore people were shocked.

The news that Sim Wong Hoop, the CEO of Creative Technology in Singapore, has been removed shocked not only Singaporeans, but also the Malaysia, and the United States. People searched for the Cause Of Death Sim Wong Hoo News.

What happened to Sim Wong Hoo?

Sim Wong Hoop, Creative Technology’s Chairman and CEO, passed away on the 4th of January 2023. Everybody is stunned to hear the news. Sim WongHoo used to be an active person. His cause of death is unknown. He died in his sixty-seventh year.

Sim Wiong Hoo’s Obituary and Funeral:

Sim Wong Hoo is remembered by hundreds of people at the Garden of Remembrance. Mr. Leow Siew Kilat, 58, was one of Creative Technology’s former employees. He said that Sim Woong Hoo used to run marathons, which makes it hard to believe that he is now gone. Check out our section “Social Media Links” for the latest updates.

Sim Hoo’sFamily details

Sim WongHoo was born to a Zhao’anHokkien family. Sim Wong Hoop used to be the 10th of his parents. He was the youngest of seven children, with five siblings and seven brothers. When he turned twelve, he lost the father he loved.

Sim Wong Hoop was born in Singapore and raised with his parents in Bukit Panjang. He was father to two of his children. He has one son, and one daughter.

Was Sim Wong Hoo married?

Sim Wong Hoop’s wife Karen Ngui is Unfortunately, no further details are available about Sim Wong Hoo’s wife. Karen Ngui is a private person who likes to keep her secrets.

Sim WongHoo’s ethnicity is.

Sim WongHoo and his household relatives are Singaporeans. However, we were unable to gather any information regarding his religion.

Sim Wong Hoo’s education qualification:

Sim WongHoo was a Bukit Pantjang Government High school student. In 1975, Sim Wong Hoo graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic College.

Sim Hoo’s birthday and ages:

We don’t know anything about his birth date. He was born in 1955 and died at the age of sixty-seven.

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The almighty may grant the strength and comfort to his family and friends in their time of need. We will contact you once we receive more information regarding Sim WongHoo’s death.