Did you know that Eat Bulaga, a variety television show, was abused of its reputation? JabolTV is not associated with Eat Bulaga. There were many theories at first about the origin of this video, their identities, and their profession. The sekawan girls video was first viewed extensively in Indonesia. It then spread to the Philippines and became a Worldwide fashion trend.

We present to you all facts about We are the Jaboltv girls.

The leaked video of sekawan girls:

The viral video of apatnababae dates back as far as 29 December 2022. It was widely shared on social media starting 4th January 2023. The video was uploaded to JabolTV on 2 January 2023. JabolTV is a website for grownups that offers videos from seven of the most popular channels. TWITTER has the Full Video Leaked. JabolTV offers a deep search to find Pinay girl videos.

Internet presence for apatnababae:

JabolTV published the video file “dmwm9by5hzr2”, which had the tag line “If Eat Bulaga had dancers, Jabol TV will have JabolTV girls!”

JabolTV can also be accessed via mobile browser. The bottom right-hand corner allows you to import the clip (73.4 MB). YOUTUBEallows you to save the clip as a video liberary. The video is in MP4 format. The video is in MP4 format and is 00:03;22 minutes long.

In the beginning, the full video was not available on the internet. Social media users shared only censored clips from 00:00 to 00:00.28 seconds. Due to numerous searches, social media users began offering the video as a reward for liking their channel and subscribing.

Sekawan girls video: Insta:

The tagline of JabolTV, which was popularized by JabolTV’s 4th January 2023 end, became ” We Are the JabolTV Girls“. This made it clear to netizens that the video was taken from JabolTV. Two videos were uploaded by “viral_on_soc_med” to Reddit. Reddit comments inquired about the names and ages of the girls. “Knee_Some”, a Reddituser, changed the name to “GAP Girl Rai Fernandez.”

Identity for the girls:

TikTok made Rai’s profile available. Her perfect body and pale skin were admired. Rai quickly thanked her fans. Rai has many followers and thousands of TikTokers have viewed and liked her videos. Rai posts general dance moves and vlogs to TikTok.

People had predicted that the four girls from Indonesia were there until Ria’s profile was published on TIKTOK. On 6 January 2023, it was finally revealed that all four of the girls were Filipino sisters/cousins.

4 Pinay Girls Video’s Basic Taglines:

This video was tagged as 4 Gap Girls telegramlink JabolTV girls sekawan, Empat girls apatnababae 4 Pinay girls Etc. which refers to Indonesian and Filipino languages.

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The 4 Gap Girls video had two parts. Both videos were uploaded to social media on January 4, 2023. The videos showed four cousins wearing different outfits including shorts, Bardot and shorts. Both videos featured four cousins in different outfits, including skirts, Bardot, shorts, asymmetrical and t-shirts.