Who is George Musser and what happened to him? Was he ever alive? When did he disappear? Are the cops able to find him? Where and when did George get found by the cops? People from the United States are curious to learn more about George. You can find out more about George by reading George Musser Causes of Death.

What has happened to him?

The police reported that George Musser, a Stillwater 20-year-old, was missing on the night of 24/12/2022. After a long search, George Musser’s body was discovered on Sunday evening. The body of George Musser, a 20-year old male, was found near Osgood Avenue in Baytown Township.

Many people came to search for Musser at Christmas noon and night. From Saturday morning, the 20-year old one remained at Brian’s Restaurant in Stillwater.

George Musser Missing

Ally McKay was one of the last people to see him. According to police, a male of 20 years was seen at Brian’s Bar in downtown Stillwater around 2:10 AM on Saturday, December 24th. Police sought the help of the public to assist them in locating the Stillwater man.

Musser’s keys and wallet were found near the bar. His car was still in its parking lot. He was wearing dark jeans, a black beanie and a grey button-up shirt flannel. He did not have a jacket. You can find more information about George at the Reddit link below.

According to Emily Dalbec (a personal member), Stillwater officers discovered Musser’s corpse at 7 p.m. on Sunday. Mueller said, “I wouldn’t like to guess on his direction or his objectives,” but noted that the actual location of his discovery wasn’t where he had gone after leaving the downtown café where Musser was last seen. It is a little bit difficult to find.

His mother declared the Obituary. She said, “We are putting our whole trust in God at this terrible moment, believing that God had guided George to heaven.” After the man’s passing, Emily asked for prayers for his family. Musser’s death is not yet explained. Police are currently investigating the circumstances leading to his death.

Nancy Musser reported on Sunday that a neighborhood-led investigation was underway. Searchers were gathered on the Stillwater’s east side, near the Freight House. This was stated in a Tweet. Mueller said that while there was no evidence of wrongdoing the cause of Musser’s death was being investigated. The society formed a search team on Sunday at 11:30 AM to find the missing person. His parents were also involved in the search for the missing child. They searched the bar for him but Brian requested that everyone leave.


  • Name: George Musser
  • Age: 20
  • Parents: Nancy Musser
  • American Nationality


According to research, George Musser was found dead by the Stillwater police. Nancy Musser and Julia Musser were crushed by the passing of George Musser who was a Stillwater resident.