FIFA’s Latest Investigations Into Argentina

FIFA have confirmed to the public that they intend to be opening an investigation into the Argentina football association. The investigation is being done due to several rules that were broken during the World Cup final, specifically concerning players and staff. 

Argentina came out victorious against France thanks to penalties after a standstill 3-3 draw that took place at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar during the month of December as the World Cup was being wrapped up. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was able to save a penalty from Kingsley Coman during the shoot-out, while Aurelien Tchouameni was also not able to find his target after being distracted by the other team’s stopper. 

The game was tense for everyone, but it was Martinez that received the most criticism for the way that he acted after the game had come to an end. In fact, his actions brought into so much controversy that FIFA decided to start a full investigation a month after the end of the World Cup.

The Investigations

As part of a statement that was made to the public, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee had confirmed that they had opened proceedings against the Argentinian Football Association. Their statement also explained that the investigation would be following up on a number of breaches in relation to article 11, which dictates the offensive behaviour and violations of the principles of fair play. Along with this, article 12 is also being evoked, which is the misconduct of players and officials. The FIFA Disciplinary Code has strict rules about how players re meant to conduct themselves within an official setting. 

It’s also been confirmed that article 44 of the FIFA World Cup regulations along with media and marketing regulations for the World Cup will be a part of the investigation. The investigations were first prompted when scenes from the team’s celebrations went viral on social media, and Martinez’s actions with the Golden Glove award became especially infamous. The goalkeeper was also pictured a number of times attempting to mock forward Kylian Mbappe.

Five players in Argentina’s team were given five yellow cards by Szymon Marciniak, and a caution was given to Martinez during the last shoot out, which saw him dancing after the French had missed, and for throwing the ball away before the penalties. The party began in Qatar but would be taken back to their home country, where Messi and his teams would be met with millions of happy fans, but with the way the team acted, it might be better next time to stick to Australian pokies instead.

Other Parties Being Investigated 

Argentina is not the only nation in trouble with FIFA now. The governing body has explained that other proceedings are currently in effect, with one being opened against Croatian FA after what FIFA has described as the potential breaches of article 13 and 16 of their disciplinary code during the Croatia v. Morocco match. 

Mexico, Serbia, and Ecuador have also come under fire, and will be receiving fines of varying amounts, while all three have been handed either partial or full stadium bans.